Fashion Bar Showroom in Barcelona


The purpose of this project is to reform the interior of the ground floor premises located in the Sarriá-Sant Gervasi district.

Respecting the existing structure, the intervention consists of redistributing the interior of the premises and properly soundproofing it to avoid any disturbance to the neighbors.

The private establishment, elegant and avant-garde, has a large hall with seven large showcases, which allow you to play with the client’s creativity and imagination to personalize each event held.

Catwalks, a VIP area, bars with spectacular glass structures and an unforgettable bathing area make this space a unique and impressive place.

The design has been based on dynamic lines, customizable lighting, futuristic atmosphere and many references to the world of fashion.

PlaceBarcelona, España
CustomerGrup Tron 3
Surface560,83 m2