One of the outstanding concepts of the new design of the hospital type floor are the common spaces. Wooden vinyl flooring is one of the elements that unites all spaces. Living rooms are one of the key elements that ensure exterior views and the entry of natural light.

In the rooms, a clean and practical design is chosen. We find two different areas, the bathroom area, which is a wooden box both inside and outside, and the night area, which contrasts with white and gray tones. The design of the sofa-bed-table is made up of a single wooden piece of furniture, located in the windowsill area.

The paneling in the narrow parts of the hallways is made up of white panels lower than the free height of the hallway, creating with this simple solution an image of lightness and dynamism. Where the hallway opens to give access to the rooms, wood-finished panels are used that receive light from the linear luminaires recessed in the false ceiling. The false ceiling of white slats allows the hallways to be visually shortened. The solution adopted improves access to maintenance and we also obtain an acoustic and aesthetic improvement.

Year 2017
Place Barcelona, ​​Spain
Client Barcelona SCIAS Hospital
Surface 1,381.25 m2
Realization Not Done
Price —-