The essential thing is inspiration, creativity, ideas. At Lluís Tejero Arquitectos, ideas form a primary objective, but not the only one. Its mission goes beyond inspiration, transcends the universe of ideas and reaches the world of the object, of what is built, of reality.” Architect Lluís Tejero Gil


Born and based until now in Barcelona, ​​the studio now also directs its work abroad. The trigger has been the completion of a project in Saudi Arabia – an important residential project for a private client in Riyadh – which has meant the confirmation of the studio’s competitiveness and its growth potential in the international arena, opening the door to the exercise in the Middle East area (especially Saudi Arabia and Lebanon).


Located in Barcelona with a clear international projection, the Lluís TejeroArquitectos studio carries out human architecture that is respectful of the context where it is located, combining aesthetics and functionality, and understands architecture as a process that does not end until the work is a reality. Aware of the importance and complexity of this process, the studio accompanies its client throughout each of the phases of development, from the conception of the idea at the beginning to the final construction, from the creation of the plan to the execution of the work.


Lluís Tejero Arquitectos is a studio formed from the initiative of architect Lluís Tejero Gil, when in 2001 he decided to continue the studio of his father, whose death had put an end to more than 40 years of professional experience. Practically from the beginning, Tejero decided to incorporate into its project a series of professionals with whom it had coincided in previous work experiences, until creating a very integrated team that makes up the collective identity that works under the Lluís Tejero Arquitectos brand.


The Lluís Tejero Arquitectos studio creates an architecture defined by a series of parameters that give it a characteristic seal. The studio’s desire is to create “educated” architecture, in the sense of serene and friendly to its surroundings, and tailored to the needs of the developer. Integration, sustainability, functionality, customization, etc., are criteria that the studio takes into account when carrying out its projects, whether within the framework of the industrial and hospital sector – where the studio has become a true specialist – or in the residential field; whether in large-scale projects or in the simplest renovation.


The Lluís Tejero Arquitectos studio has developed a concept of architecture that transcends architecture itself; That is to say, beyond the creativity and idealization of proposals typical of the discipline, it assumes as its own mission the tasks of consulting, management and execution of works. It is, in short, a “global” architecture, which provides comprehensive solutions through an architect-client relationship that also transcends the archetypal model of this type of relationship, and in which Lluís Tejero Arquitectos plays the role of “lead architect.” ” from your client.

LTA Team

Lluís Tejero Gil
Director Architect

Founder and leader of the studio, he carries out management duties and is responsible for the project design area.

Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), ETSAB, Spain
Group of Urban Architects of Catalonia, AAUC

Michal Jan Wozniczka
Michal Jan Wozniczka

Project Manager, Project Design Area.

Lodz Polytechnic University, Poland
Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain

Mabel Estrella Cruz
Mabel Estrella Cruz

Project design area

Pontifical Catholic Mother and Teacher University (PUCMM), Dominican Republic

La Salle, Ramon Llull University (URL), Spain

Elena Martínez Paredes

Study coordinator, Administration and secretariat