Seat Building «G»


The heart of the project, the forum, is a spacious and bright space designed in the center of the nave that organizes the rest of the building’s spaces around it. The large skylight on the roof and transparent enclosures create a space intended for multiple functions such as exhibitions, presentations, events.

Taking advantage of the great height around the forum, a mezzanine is created that increases the useful surface of the project. The office dividers are solved with glass partitions, achieving permeability towards the forum and better lighting of the work spaces.

On the façade, a second skin of perforated aluminum sheet is proposed that allows the penetration of natural light and at the same time provides privacy to the interior of the building.

The glass treatment of the roof ensures good luminosity in all spaces of the building, at the same time marking the central space of the “Forum”.

Year 2011
Place Barcelona, ​​Spain
Client Seat S.A.
Surface 3,917.90 m2
Realization Not Done
Price ——