Seat Brandcenter Museum


The museum must be a new ICON that is recognized as you arrive in the city of Barcelona.

The proposed building consists of two volumes. The first is the plaza – ramp, a public space that leads to the main entrance and which at the same time contains the most private spaces such as the car storage and offices. The second volume of exhibitions is resolved with a system of slopes that dominate the entire SEAT complex.

The design of the plaza creates an attractive space that allows visitors to interact not only with the interior but also with the exterior of the building. Its relationship with the current SEAT historical complex is an added value to the project and highlights the origin of the cars on display, the factories of the Free Trade Zone.

Year 2015
Place Barcelona, ​​Spain
Client Seat S.A.
Surface 10,302.04 m2
Realization Not Done
Price —-