Single-family home in Llívia


This is a new construction project for a single-family home.

A building with four winds is projected, formed by two volumes of different heights and roofs inclined to a water, joined by a central volume.

The house consists of a basement, ground floor and first floor.

On the ground floor is the access, the master bedroom with its bathroom, a toilet, kitchen-dining room and living room.

The first floor is distributed, through a central vertical core hall, into 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, with use of the space under the roof.

The area of ​​the plot that exceeds the buildable depth is used for a garden with a swimming pool.

Year 2021
Place Girona, Spain
Client Maria Concepció Mestre Masdeu
Surface 313.55 m2
Realization Not Done
Price —-